Favourite Links

The Links in this eclectic collection don’t necessarily have anything to do with editing or writing skills, but they are ones that I enjoy. 

This blog, whose author or authors remain anonymous, serves unique recipes that don’t want to hear anything about being on a diet. A word of warning — anyone who prefers her or his food less than flaming hot might want to cut back on the amount of peppers called for in the recipes. Try the Autumnal Pumpkin Soup; it’s amazing:
The Flavor Manifesto: http://theflavormanifesto.wordpress.com/

Sassy and fun, the Prolific Novelista dishes up insightful and revelatory posts about writing young adult fiction. The P.N. (a.k.a. Kiersi Burkhardt) also offers some great links to resources for writers. Full disclosure: Ms. Burkhardt talked me through the construction of this web site and is its sine qua non:
The Prolific Novelista: http://prolificnovelista.com/

Sometimes writing is worth reading merely for its style. Dr. Tricia Cusack weaves a forthright tone with a graceful flair, but read this blog for her knowledge of art history too:
Place, Art and Identity: http://placeartidentity.blogspot.co.uk/

I visit Mr. Eberly’s blog for his poetry. The rest of his material is worth the read too, but I keep returning to the poems and their understated anguishes:
David Eberly: http://davidmeberly.com/

Jessica Wright adds to her blog on life as a diplomat’s wife only occasionally, but her posts are always lovely and fascinating. Currently living in Alexandria, Ms. Wright maintains an intelligent perspective, insightful and sometimes gently critical, but never unappreciative.
Wrights Around the World: http://robertsonwright.wordpress.com/