The Epistolary Experience Resumes

Dear Readers,

It is the first of February, and both the Month of Letters ( and International Correspondence Writing Month, InCoWriMo (, begin today. At the Letter Month site you can find new pen pals, conversations about fountain pens, letter and postcard games, advice on what to write, and a whole lot of really interesting people from around the world.

     InCoWriMo supports what it calls “vintage social media.” It has less of a community than LetterMo, but it does offer a video on writing letters and a list of twenty-eight people who would love hear from you. This year’s list includes Patch Adams, the Andersons (if you like fountain pens, you should get to know the Andersons), our Postmaster General, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Larry Page, Prince Philip, J.K. Rowling, and about twenty other possible new correspondents.

    Find a pen, some paper, some stamps, and a mailbox, and write someone a letter. Share your thoughts with a friend and possibly posterity. Drop a postcard in the mail. Have some fun and create some meaning. And if you want to send an epistle my way, look me up on the LetterMo site. I will be checking my mailbox