A Better Pick-Up Line

      Just in time for all those New Year’s book store sales (our local book store has one), my brother has sent the perfect ice-breaker:

Buy you a book? 150125_10152426115028862_8301236306719344618_n

The gender, of course, should be irrelevant, and there really ought to be a period after “favor.” Also, I do rather wish there were a comma after “for me” and agreement in number between “some person” and “their.” But the idea is brilliant; let us hope the above heralds a new age of more literary one-night stands.

4 comments on “A Better Pick-Up Line

  1. Sudhir says:

    If you post this on fb Ms. Feirtag, I am sure you will get a hundred shares!

    • Mr. Sudhir,

      Lovely to hear from you! And how very kind of you to say so! I have no presence on Facebook, though. I find I have more than enough to do with the places where I already lurk. But I do know (and am related to) many people who find Fb indispensable : ).


  2. Ann says:

    Perfect! I worked in a book store for many years, and met quite a few men this way!
    (But still, my favorite pick-up line was delivered at the end of an evening at a private club. The band was packing up and the small remaining audience was pairing off. A tall, gawky fellow approached me saying, “Looks like everyone else is taken!”–so fresh and honest. We dated for several months…)

    • Ann,

      Your story cracked me up. What a brilliant fellow to realize that the last one left was not necessarily the least desirable! And good for you for appreciating and rewarding his candour.


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